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  1. I am looking to volunteer for the I am Hope Project. If you can let me know if you still need volunteers I would be happy to help!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      We are preparing for Live 4 Legacy’s 11th Annual I Am Hope Project Christmas this year in December. For more info on L4L or to donate visit the Live 4 Legacy website at http://www.Live4Legacy.com
      We appreciate your continued support.
      Administrator for Marz JukeBox

  2. I was referred to your organization for our annual toy drive. We are located in Carlsbad and in the past I have collected for Rady’s Children Hospital. If you can provide some info I’d be happy to collect toys for your organization this year. Will you be able to provide a box or something I can hand out or distribute so people know what they are donating to? Are there any rules/restrictions for the toys (ie. must be unwrapped). I’d like to start collecting asap so let me know. Thank you!

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